We are starting our own Export Import Wholesale Commodities Marketing Company targeting Caricom Countries, distributing USA made products only. Also we will be distributing Caricom Ethnic Culture food products and produce in the USA market wholesale. We will also create self reliant investment opportunities for Caricom Nationals to invest in the USA economy real estate, etc.


It is very natural, a part of whom i am, to be an Entrepreneur. It is in my blood, it is what I am all about, a part of this journey in my life. I am Jamaican-African-American Vietnam Veteran with a vision to share. I am looking to meet intelligent and motivated individuals with a degree in business, with a good character and people oriented skills - bilingual a plus - with the discipline to work hard to achieve success. If you enjoy the simple pleasures in life, being happy and having fun, then this opportunity is just the fit for you.

This will be a general overview for our export/import commodities marketing company. I hope we share the same views as to how we will bring about economic stability for the nation.

There are many opportunities to explore with this Company. Our American dream is to create economic opportunities for the "go getters" and people who are willing to take a chance at opportunities that comes their way. Our idea is to serve the needs of the people. The objective - BUILD A POSITIVE AGENDA WORKING WITH THE CARICOM COUNTRIES, DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENTS, PRIVATE SECTOR ORGANIZATIONS AND INDIVIDUALS. Jobs will be created, revenue will grow and investment opportunities will expand with in the Caricom community and the USA.