Marketing Plan


Job-Creation - second chance opportunity for ex-offenders, ex-drug addicts, military veterans, welfare recipients, single parents, retired business personnel, people with limited disabilities - all of the above with college degrees, and business administrators are invited to join forces with this new organization to demonstrate their willingness to be productive citizens in society, to provide high level of support for global trading, knowledge of trade law and a financial environment agreement etc!


1- Distribution Strategy - empower the less fortunate, disadvantaged socially, economically people in Caricom countries by creating a healthy economic environment to alleviate poverty, build mini-supermarket franchises for the less fortunate. After the enterprise is up and running, making profit, have the host country, bank finances the franchise for the less fortunate individuals. Be your own boss and start your own business. 2- Build wholesale warehouse facilities in the host countries to support the franchise operation. One mini-supermarket to support 3,000 people on average. Strategy affordable prices by delivering cost effective services, with a variety of generic and inexpensive grocery products.


1- Lease a wholesale warehouse distribution facility at Hunts Point Terminal Market in the Bronx, New York (the biggest market outlet in the northeast region of the United States). Distributing Caribbean tropical produce, ground provision, etc., also Caricom countries ethnic culture consumer goods, and general merchandise. There are over 4 million plus Caricom countries people living in this region of the United States. This service is in great demand.